Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 62 – July 2021 [EN/AR] – Yemen


The editorial

Environmental protection and sustainability remain a top priority to ensure ecological and human balance on planet Earth. It is therefore imperative to take action, including: 1) sharing knowledge and raising awareness of environmental issues, 2) promoting a sense of shared responsibility for environmental conservation, 3) adopting relevant policies and strategies, 4 ) leverage ecological culture to protect the environment and 5) reduce pollution and rationalize the use of natural resources to avoid the potential impacts of climate change resulting from irresponsible human consumption, in a way that balances development sustainable, conservation of natural resources. Recurrent natural disasters and torrential rains caused by climate change and high temperatures resulting from human activity are all factors that have exacerbated ecological degradation globally and in the Arab region, including Yemen, which is among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change such as hurricanes, land erosion, desertification and water scarcity in recent times. Yemen ranks 13th among the countries most vulnerable to climate change, especially due to drought and extreme floods1.
Climate change poses an additional threat to the already difficult humanitarian situation in Yemen, including socio-economic deterioration. In addition, natural disasters and torrential rains, and recently cyclones, cause more casualties and deaths and subsequently increase epidemics, agricultural diseases and pests and degradation of cultivated land. It would certainly affect the economies and livelihoods of too many families, especially farming households in rural areas. This issue of the YSEU Bulletin highlights the importance of the ecosystem, the diversity of Yemen’s flora and fauna, the drivers of environmental degradation over the years, as well as the socio-economic impact. of climate change. It also provides a set of proposed solutions and remedies to preserve the ecosystem and mitigate the effects of climate change towards environmental sustainability.


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