Why are the people of the Central African Republic against the UN?


Three UN peacekeepers were killed and some injured by a roadside bomb in the Central African Republic this week, the UN said. The attack took place in the village of Kaita, where armed groups prevail. The peacekeeping mission called MONUSCO tweeted: “The battalion was on patrol…when 1 of its vehicles hit an explosive device”. The head of the UN mission in the Central African Republic condemned “the use of explosive devices by armed groups”.

The country has been engulfed in violence since 2013, when then-president François Bozizé was overthrown by Muslim Seleka rebels. The UN peacekeeping mission, which was deployed to the Central African Republic (CAR) in 2014, has around 14,200 troops.

The United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic called MONUSCO was deployed in 2014. The objectives of the United Nations mission are to establish peace in the country, prevent attacks by armed groups against the civilian population, facilitate the consolidation of peace, to help the government to develop and, ultimately, to promote reconciliation between the state and the armed organizations. The UN made it very clear before interfering in the internal affairs of the Central African Republic (CAR) that it wants to put an end to the suffering of civilians. However, it has been over eight years and the state of the CAR continues to deteriorate. Terrorist groups are still very active in the country; a genocide is being committed on the Central African people. Many reports have emerged that indicate that the UN peacekeeping mission, instead of intervening to stop the violence, chooses to be either a mere bystander or in some cases even the perpetrators.

Why are the people of the Central African Republic against the UN?

Public discontent with the UN mission in the CAR is not only due to its neglect of the security situation, but also to the atrocities and violence perpetrated by its troops. Over the years, UN peacekeepers have committed acts that have outraged local people and sparked calls for investigations and prosecutions.

Last year in November, a MONUSCO car tried to break through the security fence of President Faustin Archange Touadera’s residence to take pictures. When the driver failed to stop, the President’s security personnel opened fire, causing the vehicle to flee. While fleeing, he beat and killed a 16-year-old girl, her death creating an outcry in the Central African Republic (CAR). The population called on MONUSCO to leave the country. Similarly, in August last year, a truck belonging to MONUSCO rammed and overturned a man. A restless crowd emerged near the crash site as peacekeepers fired on people in an attempt to disperse. One of the bullets hit a 12-year-old girl, killing her. In September, a woman was hit by a car, resulting in her death. The value of human lives in the eyes of these security forces is negligible.

(Source: United Nations)

In Portugal, police dismantled a smuggling ring that was involved with UN peacekeepers in the Central African Republic (CAR). She used military aircraft to smuggle gold, diamonds and contraband. Although the Portuguese Minister of Defense informed the United Nations, no action was taken. Another infamous incident involving MONUSCO surfaced last year, investigations revealed that the UN mission had committed sexual abuse against more than thirty people in the CAR, including children.

Central Africans deserve justice

The anger of Central African citizens is completely justified, they have been lied to for years. Imagine that your government tells you that an international organization is coming to solve a problem but that a few years later the presence of this same organization becomes the reason for the escalation of the crisis, this is the current situation in the Central African Republic (CAR ).

This attack is the voice of the people of the Central African Republic (CAR), who are exhausted after repeatedly trying to impress upon their government through peaceful means that the UN mission must be expelled from their country. When CAR residents unite to stage a protest against MONUSCO, demanding that it end its illegal activities in the name of humanitarian aid, they are beaten, shot and killed. The fact that Central Africans are oppressed by foreigners in their own country should outrage their government.

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Reasons for Western involvement in the CAR

Now the question arises as to why the UN, which is supported by the West, is so interested in the internal affairs of the Central African Republic.

The African nation is rich in mineral resources such as gold, diamonds and uranium which the US and EU are trying to get their hands on.

President Faustin-Archange Touadéra’ of the Central African Republic (CAR) receives military support from Russia, the Kremlin sends its military instructors to train Central African soldiers. The President’s security is also provided by the Wagner Group. Russia also has a say in the country’s economic affairs, it has invested in CAR’s oil, gas and energy sectors. The Wagner Group also controls mineral resources in some areas of the CAR. The West is using its UN mission to further its true mission of suppressing Russia’s presence, stealing mineral resources and installing a puppet head of government.

There was a demonstration organized by Central Africans in support of Russia during which it was praised for helping their nation fight against armed groups. The Kremlin has also sent its paramilitaries to the Central African Republic (CAR).

However, the people of the Central African Republic understand the real motives of the United Nations, which is why they are working hard to save their country from powerful Western countries who express concern about the security crisis, the economic situation and the political instability of the African state but in reality have their eyes on valuable mineral resources such as gold, diamonds and uranium.

In the name of humanitarian aid, the UN has created an environment of terror and anarchy. Such attacks will only continue if MONUSCO leaves the Central African Republic (CAR).


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