Edo State Commissioner for Mines and Energy, Hon. Ethan Uzamere pushed for more collaborations between federal and state governments and other key players in the solid minerals industry to explore and reap maximum benefits from the sector.

Hon. Uzamere made this known in an interview with the ministry’s media officer immediately after meeting with the Mineral Resources and Environment Management Committee, MIREMCO, in his office in Benin.

Hon. Uzamere said the ease of doing business reform of the state government has opened up the state for miners and other investors to come and do business in the state which will in turn lead to more diversions of the federal government.

“Meetings like this are necessary because the department is dealing with assets that constitutionally belong to the federal government. However, collaborations between the state and the federal government are important to us in order to increase our mineral diversions from the federal government.

“We are losing crude oil revenue and it is time for the government to focus on other assets like solid minerals to generate more revenue.”

The Chairman of the Mineral Resources and Environment Management Committee, Mr. Daniel Inneh, congratulated the Hon. Uzamere for his cooperation and level of understanding of the solid minerals sector.

Mr. Inneh said that solutions have been offered to the gray areas in their operational activities which have been highlighted and assured that any cooperation required will be provided for the greater good of the state.

For his part, the Zonal Mining officer, Sud-Sud, Ing. Abdulkadri said the state’s mining sector is improving as solutions to the problem of double taxation and community consent to operators were proposed at the meeting.


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