Superintendent: The school year is off to a good start


The 2022-23 school year has started well, Shelby County Superintendent Lewis Brooks told the Shelby County School Board at its August meeting, which happened to fall on the first day of school. .

“I started my day at Helena Middle School and have been to four colleges so far,” Brooks said. “All the children seem happy. Teachers and staff appreciate that we have a staggered start, which gives them the opportunity to build better relationships initially and helps students make a little better transition.

Students with surnames beginning with AJ started school on August 11, and those with surnames beginning with KZ returned on August 12. All of the students began dating together on August 15.

On August 9, hundreds of Shelby County school employees attended Ignite, a back-to-school kickoff event for employees.

“I am grateful to the planning committee that organized our Ignite Institute Day,” said Brooks. “I got a lot of very positive feedback, with some saying it was the best ever. These things don’t happen without a great team.

The board approved changes to compensatory time for employees who work more than 40 hours in a work week to include verbiage that it must be pre-approved by an employee’s supervisor.

Some maintenance people have racked up a fair amount of clearing time, and the school district doesn’t want to get into “a situation,” said Joel Dixon, the assistant superintendent of human resources. “You could end up where you are unable to operate. Taking compensation time must be authorized by the supervisor to allow us to continue to operate as a system. »

The school board has also approved regular pay for permanent and full-time employees who are summoned under a subpoena or other legal requirement for employment-related reasons.

The school board also approved:

► Bianca McGrew as the new vice principal of Helena High School

► TEAMS contracts for teachers meeting all the criteria

► A change order for a batting practice facility at Shelby County High School that decreased $5,250 from the original budget.

► A change order for the front facade and upgrade project at Elvin Hill Elementary School which decreased by $7,624 from the original budget.


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