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Extended public review period for updating the port master plan Draft report on the environmental impact of the program

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The Port of San Diego is extending the public review period for the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) of the Port Master Plan Update (PMPU) program. The public review and contribution period will now end at 5:00 p.m. on Monday January 10, 2022 (extended from December 23). The Port welcomes and encourages all comments and thanks the community for engaging in the PMPU process.

The port updates its Harbor Master Plan, a water and land use plan that designates specific areas of San Diego Bay and the surrounding waterfront for marine, fishing, commercial, recreational, conservation and institutional. The plan determines where port activities should take place, where recreational facilities should be located, and where commercial uses such as hotels, restaurants and retail outlets for visitors can be built.

The draft EIR program, which includes PMPU’s latest draft, is available for public review at The RIA project includes an analysis of potential environmental impacts such as, but not limited to, air quality, climate change, traffic, noise and natural resources. The draft PMPU includes development goals, policies and standards that reflect the many contributions from the public, stakeholders and the Board of Port Commissioners. A tracked version of the PMPU draft is also available at and shows the changes to the text since the publication of the revised draft PMPU in October 2020.

As noted above, comments will be accepted until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 10, 2022 and should be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to the Port of San Diego, Attn .: Planning Department, PO Box 120488, San Diego, CA 92112-0488. The document is also available for public review during regular business hours at the Harbor District Clerk’s Office, 3165 Pacific Highway, as well as at the San Diego Central Library (330 Park Blvd.), Imperial Beach Library (810 Imperial Beach Blvd.), And the Coronado Public Library (640 Orange Ave.). Note that the examination must be done on site. The availability notice is available here.

A port master plan is required by the San Diego Unified Port District Act and the California Coastal Act. The existing port plan was certified (as a whole) in 1981 by the California Coastal Commission and since then there have been many site specific changes, but never a full update. The PMPU seeks to reflect the changes in the needs and priorities of Californians and the growth of the region since the current master plan was approved 40 years ago.

The port’s goal is to create a holistic, thoughtful, and balanced approach to future water and land uses on and around San Diego Bay for generations to come. The objectives of the PMPU are to:

  • Balancing the needs of development with those of valuable natural resources;

  • Prioritize coastal dependent developments and clearly define water and land uses for development;

  • Protect public access opportunities and waterfront parks for all Californians and visitors to enjoy; and

  • Streamline the authorization process for developers, investors and port staff to process projects more effectively and efficiently.

The PMPU effort began in 2013 and is done through a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach and process known as Integrated Planning. This five-phase planning process will culminate with an updated port master plan:

  1. Vision statement and guiding principles (Completed in 2014) – This initial phase included a high-level port-wide asset assessment and broad public engagement resulting in a foundational vision statement and guiding principles for the entire integrated planning framework.

  2. Framework report (Completed in 2015) – During this phase, the visioning process was further refined through the review of a core set of overarching ideas, commemorated in a framework report, which informed the development of the draft PMPU document. (Phases 1 and 2 constitute the vision for integrated planning.)

3. Port Master Plan Update Discussion Draft and Revised Draft (Completed in 2020) – This phase involved leading the board of directors in writing the draft PMPU document to be used as a project description in the draft EIR program and which includes objectives, policies and maps.

  • Baywide Elements and District Planning Goals (Completed in 2017)

  • Policy Concepts and Water and Land Use Maps (Completed in 2019)

  • Additional Policy Discussion Topics (Completed in 2019)

  • Public review of the draft PMPU discussion (Completed in 2019)

  • Public review of the revised draft PMPU (Completed in December 2020)

4. Environmental review in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Current phase)

5. PMPU certification (expected completion in 2023)

  • Port Council considering certification of EIR program and adoption of PMPU (Expected in spring 2022)

  • Processing PMPU with the California Coastal Commission (Planned spring 2022 – spring / summer 2023)

  • California Coastal Commission Considering PMPU Certification (Expected mid-2023)

  • The Harbor Council approves the PMPU as certified by the Coastal Commission (Expected mid-2023)

  • California Coastal Commission considers approving final PMPU (Expected mid-2023)

For more information on the PMPU process and / or to register to receive updates, visit


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