San Antonio executive sues gag gift company over package she deems “inappropriate and humiliating”


A San Antonio human resources manager is so upset by an anonymous package she received at her office that she is suing the gag gift company that allegedly had it delivered.

Janelle Plummer’s lawsuit does not describe what was in the packaging other than that they were “offensive items” which were “highly inappropriate and demeaning, especially in an office” . She opened the package in front of colleagues.

Witty Yeti, the Charlotte, North Carolina company allegedly behind the package, did not respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

The Witty Yeti website describes itself as “your source of mischief and mayhem,” selling various freebies – some of a sexual nature and unsuitable for work.

“Since 2012, we’ve spent far too much time thinking about how to prank ourselves and then figuring out how to get those pranks to a larger market,” her website adds.

Plummer says the package she received caused her to fear for her safety and that of her family.

The person who placed the order with Witty Yeti and paid to have it delivered to Plummer is also named as a defendant in the complaint. This person is only identified as “John Doe” because Plummer does not know the name of the sender.

Plummer “is terrified that defendant Doe, the sender of the offending package, will escalate his harassment actions and cause physical harm to the plaintiff and / or his family,” the lawsuit said.

She is suing Witty Yeti and Doe for intentionally inflicting emotional distress and neglect, claiming less than $ 250,000 – not including statutory and punitive damages and penalties. The lawsuit was filed last week in San Antonio state district court.

Elizabeth Assunto Germany, lawyer for Plummer, said she did not have her client’s permission to disclose the contents of the package. Germany wouldn’t say where Plummer works either. A LinkedIn account for a woman named Janelle Plummer shows that she worked for four years at Brake Check

Plummer’s attorney has contacted Witty Yeti several times to find out Doe’s name, but the lawsuit says the company refused to provide it.

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