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recalled on Saturday that the future Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation must become a reality because a country cannot develop without doing research and relying on real education.

“There can be no development without research and without real education, this is the only way people can develop; we are convinced of this”, declared Mr. Castillo during the inauguration of Ciencia y Tecnología Ambiental 2022 (2022 event on environmental science and technology) at Lima Congress Center.

The Head of State stressed the importance of adding value to Peruvian natural resources that have long been exported as raw materials and then returned to the country as manufactured goods.

Likewise, the senior official pointed out that the COVID-19 pandemic has proven the importance of science and technology, which has made it possible to rely on vaccines in record time.

Likewise, Mr. Castillo pointed out that one of the lessons of the pandemic has been the need to make progress in digitization, as well as to close the gaps in connectivity and literacy.

“Science, technology and innovation are tools for achieving equal opportunities; these are the big goals set by this government,” Castillo said.

“The pillars of globalization require development with technology. There is no future without research and education; this is why, for months, we have been promoting articulated work in virtual education, telemedicine, digital government and other activities,” he added.

Therefore, and in line with an election campaign promise, President Castillo called on the next Congressional Board to prioritize the bill for the creation of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation , which was presented by the executive branch months ago.

The President, who seemed convinced that the Parliament would side with the country, assured that the corresponding budget would be allocated to this new project.

About the event

Ciencia y Tecnología Ambiental 2022 will address environmental issues such as solid waste management, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promotion of circular economy and integrated management of environmental resources.

The event takes place at the Lima Convention Center. It runs until July 26, 2022.


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