Philippines eyes Seechewal model to save natural resources: The Tribune India


Tribune press service

Sultanpur Lodhi, April 15

During a meeting between the Undersecretary of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines Juan Miguel T.Cuna Ceso, Assistant Secretary, Director of Environment and Natural Resources of the National Capital Manila and between the lover Environment Minister Balbir Singh Seechewal during his visit to Manila recently, deep concern was expressed over the increasing pollution of water and natural resources in both countries.

Discussions were held to find the solution and the participation of the populations to save the natural resources. During this meeting, a discussion was also held on the natural resources already cleaned up in the two countries.

The Philippine Undersecretary of Environment and Natural Resources said he is committed to looking for opportunities to formulate the Seechewal model in small villages across the states. On this subject, he will convene a high-level meeting. This was Sant Seechewal’s first meeting with secretary-level officials and in this model Seechewal was discussed.

During the meeting, Sant Seechewal told them how, after treating contaminated water from a village, it was used for irrigation. This meeting was organized through the efforts of members of the Philipino-Indian Commerce and Welfare Society Trust, Jagmohan Singh Tambar and Dev Singh.

Sant Seechewal said video of previously cleaned rivers was also shown. In the video, he saw that during the cleaning, the floating particles were removed, but no treatment plant was installed to clean the water. During the meeting, a documentary film about the 22 years of kar sewa du Saint Bein showed how, with the cooperation of the sangat, a 165 km long river was cleaned and instead of stopping to fall contaminated water in a solution like Seechewal model was found to treat contaminated waters and use them for irrigation. They were told how the rejuvenation of the Bein and the visit of then President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had led to the cleaning of other rivers in the country.

After watching all of this, the Undersecretary commended Sant Seechewal’s work and asked for his cooperation in environmental matters on future visits to the Philippines. He said he would make a decision at the high-level meeting on how he could have Sant Seechewal’s cooperation in preserving the clean environment of the Philippines.


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