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Nevada City, CA – Since 2019, Nevada County has hosted 94 interns who have dedicated more than 40,000 hours of service to Nevada County and its people. Today, the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) presented a Challenge Award, CSAC’s most prestigious award to counties, to Nevada County Human Resources for the successful program that created a new pipeline of talent, offers on-the-job experience, and has contributed more than $815,000 in employee savings.

Nevada County Human Resources Staff – CSAC’s Chastity Benson – Nevada County Board of Supervisors

“Nevada County wowed our judges,” said Chastity Benson, CSAC’s director of operations and education programs. “The Nevada County Internship Program has a phased approach to recruitment, engages community partners, and goes beyond the normal internship experience.”

Seeing opportunities to develop a local talent pool and provide new experiences for working in local government, creating a strong internship program was a priority for Nevada County CEO Alison Lehman.

“Our internships have proven to be effective in giving people the work experience they need to secure long-term employment after completing their internship,” added Human Resources Manager Steve Rose. “We maintained an impressive post-internship hiring rate of 69%.”

Multiple partnerships with Eastern and Western county school districts, community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, and a host of military and veterans associations (SkillBridge, Army PaYS, Military Spouse Program) expanded the scope of the internship program. Each potential intern who comes to the county is matched with available internships in relevant departments.

“It’s so special to work in a place where people are innovative and passionate about what they do. I am especially proud of our work to provide new opportunities for veterans,” Board of Supervisors Chair Sue Hoek said during the award presentation.

Nevada County Intern

The Nevada County Internship Program is designed to provide learning and experiential opportunities for members of the community, high school and college students, and members of the military community. Human Resources works with interns and interested departments to match departmental needs with tailored internship opportunities.

Learn more about internship opportunities in Nevada County at or fill out a internship application request.

CSAC Award

CSAC’s annual statewide program recognizes innovation and best practices in county government. The Nevada County Internship Program is one of four programs honored with the 2021 CSAC Challenge and Merit Awards. The Nevada County Internship Program received a Challenge Award, while the Response Team County Rapid, Budget Tools and Training Program and Emergency Shelter Efforts received awards of merit.


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