Natural Resources Minister says land is on the way for nurses – Love FM


The Briceno administration has delivered plots of land to more than three hundred teachers across the country. The initiative was a program born out of collaboration with the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU) and the Ministry of Natural Resources. And, according to Natural Resources Minister Cordel Hyde, GOB is preparing to do the same with the nation’s nurses.

Cordel Hyde, Minister of Natural Resources: “We prioritize our public officials and our teachers, nurses and police officers. We have made progress with the teachers. We have provided them with a large amount of material over the past month. We still have some for them. We will soon be accelerating our services in regards to nurses and police, because I think the nurses have already received their applications and we have identified a bunch of land for them, so those will be processed very soon. I just spoke to the President of the Public Service Union a few days ago and they have about a number of new landowners they want us to serve. So we will be receiving those requests very soon. We are prioritizing these as we try to meet all demand across the country. The challenge we have is that we just don’t have enough hands to deal with all of these applications and we’re trying to prioritize them all at once and that’s been very difficult and especially as we have these clinics because a group of our employees go out and they are busy for days. So we try to exhaust all of our requests and requests that we have in these clinics so that when we go back we can focus on those exceptional items in addition to all the applications that we have had in the system for a long time. We cannot have enough corps in the ministry and these days it is difficult for us to hire the number of people we need due to the economic situation, but we are working on it.


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