Most of the loans taken out to pay the debt of PML-N


PTI chief and former Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Sunday lambasted Information and Broadcasting Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb for making what he called ‘dumb remarks’ on loans taken by the PTI-led government. ” You will have [such] stupid conversations if you keep playing Candy Crush [popular mobile phone game]Fawad wrote on Twitter.

The statement came in response to Aurangzeb’s remarks about former Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin’s statement admitting that the PTI government had taken 76% of the loans taken in Pakistan’s entire history. Criticizing Marriyum, Fawad said the PTI government had taken out loans worth $52 billion, of which $38 billion was spent to repay loans taken by the PML-N government during its previous term. “If the beggar government does not like [the] dealing with the IMF, why is it going to attend[the] IMF board meetings? He asked. Aurangzeb, while sharing a video clip of Tarin’s conversation with the media criticizing the 2022-23 federal budget, had said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had to make many similar admissions. “Mr. Shaukat Tarin finally admitted that Mr. Imran had taken out loans worth Rs 20 trillion during his four-year government, which is 76% of the loans taken out in the entire history of Pakistan,” she wrote.

Referring to Finance Minister Miftah Ismail’s post-budget press conference, Fawad said one could understand the “non-seriousness” of the incumbent government seeing the Minister of Information busy playing games on his cell phone. “You can tell how unserious the people in this government are by seeing the Minister of Finance address the post-budget press conference and the Minister of Information constantly playing a video game on his phone sitting next to him,” Fawad wrote on Twitter. .


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