Mike Durant’s loans give him edge in Alabama Senate fundraising


Mike Durant has the most money and spent the most money in his Alabama Senate campaign largely funded by his own money.

According to the latest campaign finance disclosure reports leading up to the May 24 Republican primary, Durant, a Huntsville business executive and former Army prisoner of war, dominates when it comes to funds to push his message to voters. He spent almost $4 million in 4 and a half weeks starting April 1.

That overtakes Katie Britt, who according to a recent poll is the favorite to win the GOP nomination. Britt, former head of the Business Council of Alabama as well as Senator Richard Shelby’s chief of staff, spent $1.6 million during the same period.

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But the difference in spending may represent where the candidates are in the race. According to the polls, Britt looks likely to qualify for the second round of the primaries on June 21 – assuming no candidate gets more than 50% of the vote, which is not expected – and could save some money. money for the month-long second-round campaign.

Durant, however, rose from favorite to what polls suggest was a close battle for second place with U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks of Huntsville.

During the heavy spending of the last reporting period from April 1 to May 4, Durant loaned his campaign an additional $2.65 million. In total, he loaned his campaign $9.45 million while raising just $541,000 from donors.

Brooks spent just over $1 million in the last reporting period.

Neither Britt nor Brooks loaned any money to their campaigns.

Britt was the top fundraiser as far as donors go, raising over $6.76 million in her campaign. During the last reporting period, Britt raised $380,000.

Brooks has trailed in fundraising since Britt launched her campaign in June 2021 and Durant’s loans have dropped the congressman to third in the race for money. Brooks received $2.8 million in donations, including $123,000 in the last reporting period.

Besides his campaign loan, Durant raised $83,000 in the last reporting period.

The latest reporting period came three weeks before voters head to the polls. Durant had the most cash with over $3 million. Britt had nearly $2.8 million. If Brooks makes it to the second round, he would appear to be at a financial disadvantage to Britt or Durant with just $677,000 in cash.


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