McKissack & McKissack taps Lisa Edmonds and Nijah Barley for key leadership roles in the business


Two seasoned IT and HR executives bring deep expertise to national design and construction management firm as it expands into new regions and industry sectors

WASHINGTON, November 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — McKissack & McKissack, one of the nation’s leading Black and women-owned architecture, engineering and construction firms, today announced the addition of two new members to its national management team in its washington d.c.Desk: Lisa Edmonds as Vice President of Human Resources and Nijah Barley as Director of Information Technology. Each brings remarkable core skills and experience to the company as it experiences unprecedented growth.

“I am excited about Lisa and Nijah as they will apply deep expertise and fresh perspectives to two of the most important aspects of our company’s strategic growth: our people-centric support culture and our strong IT infrastructure. ‘information’, said Deryl McKissackPresident and CEO of McKissack & McKissack.

“We have experienced rapid growth at McKissack and plan to maintain this momentum due to the Infrastructure Act, so we need Lisa for her deep knowledge and deep networking skills to help us recruit talent from McKissack is a great place to work, and Lisa has the skills and strategic sense to deliver that message to a new pool of talent and optimize our recruiting process,” noted McKissack.

“I expect Nijah to have a major impact on our business as well. He is incredibly creative and always thinks out of the box to find better ways to serve us and our customers. He approaches every challenge with such positivity. His mantra is always ‘I can understand, I can help you’ – and he always does,” she added.

Lisa Edmonds: Combine HR and legal experience to support talent acquisition strategies

Edmonds brings more than two decades of human resources experience to McKissack, most recently as human resources manager/benefits administrator with engineering and design firm Gibbs & Cox Inc. “Lisa is a welcome addition to our team for many reasons, but that me is the fact that they understand the mindset of engineers and designers,” McKissack said. “While we are known for our fulfilling and inclusive culture, we are a national company with professionals from many different fields and backgrounds on our staff. His expertise in many aspects of our growing industry will help us strengthen and to support all members of our diverse team.”

Edmonds also studied HR and employment law, which McKissack considers another strength. “We work in multiple states. They all have different legal approaches to human resources, so someone who understands these intricacies and can anticipate our needs in all contexts is a key addition to our team,” McKissack emphasized.

Edmonds said: “A lot of HR revolves around employment law, starting with the recruitment process. And once someone is here, we have to make sure that we as a company do the things the right way.”

As McKissack expands into new sectors and expands the depth and breadth of its project portfolio, Edmonds noted, “Our top priority is recruiting and developing impressive and accomplished talent. And once we have recruited these talents, we want them to stay. and the great people we already have are essential to our growth and ultimately to the success of everything we do. We will therefore support all team members with training and development that will hone or deepen their skills. Our goal is to leverage the culture that is already established at McKissack, which is humble, hungry and smart.”

Edmonds holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Capella University in Minneapolis as well as a master’s degree in legal studies from Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor School of law in Phoenix. She is certified as a Benefits Administrator, Senior Human Resources Professional and Project Management Professional (PMP). She lives in Southern Maryland with her husband.

Edmonds said: “I came to work with McKissack because I was impressed with the leadership, I was impressed with the growth and I was really impressed with the story. I was impressed with the way which company started and where it is going. I had been with my former employer for 10 years and I hope to outgrow that time at McKissack. It is a company that represents success, especially for women and minorities , and I hope to bolster his reputation with great accomplishments while I am here.

Nijah Barley brings amplified technology experience to the MWBE where he started

Barley is a seasoned IT expert with a proven track record of implementing new technologies and systems to improve business productivity and profits. His new position is a return to his roots. He began his career at McKissack after graduating from college, supporting the company’s increasingly progressive IT systems to support cutting-edge developments in program management and construction management, architecture and design. ‘engineering.

After four years at McKissack, Barley moved to Washington office at McKinsey & Co., where he spent three years working with teams around the world and learning large-scale enterprise systems. He was there during the Covid-19 pandemic and helped transition 1,500 colleagues to virtual options for the shift to working from home. Throughout, he stayed in touch with former colleagues and his mentor, former McKissack IT vice president Andrew Corn.

“McKissack was so much more than just a job; the team and Deryl are my family. When I went to McKinsey it was always with the intention of returning one day to bring back what I learned,” said he declared. “I knew I needed to learn, get exposure to other industries, and develop a broader skill set to bring back different tools and a growth mindset.”

Now that he oversees McKissack’s IT department, he plans to leverage the company’s existing cloud infrastructure to not only maximize productivity, but also embrace cutting-edge technologies as they arise. emerge. Priorities include innovation, cybersecurity and adherence to industry best practices. “I seek to increase our chances of success for the work we try to win and to ensure that the work we offer is the standard of excellence and leaves a lasting impression with clients,” he said. .

Barley, originally from brooklyn and now lives in SilverSpring, Maryland.Graduated from Howard University in Washington with a bachelor’s degree. While in school, he worked in Howard’s computer help desk. He recalls: “I will never forget the day I walked in for my first interview at McKissack & McKissack. I was just blown away by a colleague Howard University graduate, Deryl McKissack, having an office in downtown DC and being the founder and CEO of such a successful company with so much history. It always stuck with me.”

About McKissack & McKissack: Founded in 1990, McKissack is a national, women-owned and minority-owned architectural, engineering, program management and construction firm dedicated to providing industry-leading expertise and first-rate services to a wide range of customers in all market sectors. McKissack strives to work with its clients to envision and deliver construction and infrastructure projects that enrich people’s lives and enable communities to thrive. Situated at washington d.c. with offices at Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, dallas, Houston and Los Angeles, McKissack’s three service areas are Architecture and Interiors, Program and Construction Management, and Infrastructure. It is ranked by Engineering News-Record among the top 50 program management companies and the top 100 paying construction management companies in the nation. Learn more about

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