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Beverly Hills, Calif., December 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Mr. Max Porterfield has nearly two decades of experience in natural resources and capital markets. Callinex flourished under the leadership and vision of Mr. Porterfield to create sustainable growth in major Canadian mining jurisdictions. Through its efforts, Callinex has attracted the best talent and capital which has collectively led to accretive acquisitions and the discovery of significant deposits rich in base and precious metals. This is in line with and contributes to the company’s long-term goal of creating sustainable jobs in remote mining communities, with a strong emphasis on best practice in social and environmental standards.

He previously worked for Gold Mining Inc, Uranium Energy Corp and US Global Investors, where he was instrumental in attracting capital for each respective organization. Mr. Porterfield graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, and holds dual US and Canadian citizenship.

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Which mission is important to you?

Porterfield says Callinex Mines Inc.’s mission is long-term and twofold: to find economical base metals among precious metals in Canada and to help the community and the environment by moving away from hydrocarbons. He notes that the Canadian mining town of Flin Flon, for example, is facing a spate of unemployment next year, and Callinex wants to strengthen its local economy by establishing a new base for mining and mining metals there. a more environmentally friendly way. .

How did you get into the mining industry?

Porter’s career began in Texas with US Global Investors, specializing in investing in natural resources. He immigrated to Canada in 2012, eventually becoming a Canadian citizen after working with various mineral resource companies focused on uranium and gold. In 2014, he joined Callinex, where he focused on the discovery of high grade gold and copper.

Tell us about Mines Callinex Inc.

Callinex has assets across Canada in key jurisdictions, says Porterfield, and says the company is focusing on mining camps with existing workforce and infrastructure. Being extremely remote is a high risk business considering the costs of transportation, water and electricity supply, etc. Staying in Canadian mining districts, however, reduces some of that risk and significantly helps up-front investment costs, which in turn lowers the threshold for a deposit to be economically viable.

What made you decide to invest heavily in Callinex?

Callinex is experiencing tremendous growth, notes Porterfield, and says its expertise in discovering high-grade copper and gold in Manitoba is unmatched. He also says his actions have gained significant momentum recently and points to the track record of his technical experts, including founder and Canadian Mining Hall of Fame member Mike Muzylowski, who was instrumental in the discovery of 12 mines. VMS in the Flin Flon area of ​​Manitoba, as well as James Pickell and Alan Vowels, both of whom won the PDAC Bill Dennis Prospector of the Year Award for their role in discovering the 777 and Lalor mines, respectively, in the Flin Flon mining district.

What is Callinex currently working on?

Porterfiled points to the rapidly expanding Rainbow deposit located in the Flin Flon mining district. Rainbow is a high grade copper deposit that also contains gold, silver and zinc and is located within 500m of a hydroelectric power line and historic well. Rainbow is a newly discovered deposit located within thirty minutes of existing road access to processing facilities in Flin Flon, MB. The only mine currently in operation, Mine 777, is due to close next May and the facilities will need new power. Rainbow has the potential to provide a sustainable future for the city and a clean supply of copper given its high grades and access to clean energy at low cost.

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  • Max Porterfield was interviewed on Mission Matters Money Podcast by Adam Torres.


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