Local hospital creates benefits to help employees with student loans


Bravera Health Brooksville, Seven Rivers and Spring Hill employees are now eligible for new and enhanced benefits designed as pathways to help them eliminate existing student debt faster, pursue additional job training and advance their careers. The goal of offering Bravera Health Pathways benefits is to support and retain employees and attract a strong workforce, especially frontline nurses, technicians, therapists and other clinicians and caregivers, as well as support staff.

Benefits include a new student loan repayment program that allows employees with outstanding student debt to consolidate their loans, lower interest rates and qualify for employer-sponsored payments. For most clinical employees, Bravera Health will directly pay a portion of loan premiums as long as the employee remains current with payments, offsetting student loan balances up to $20,000 per employee.

A new Employee Reimbursement Program has been established for license or certification renewals required for all job classifications and can be used for any license or certification testing or renewal not already offered free of charge by the ‘hospital.

Additionally, a long-standing tuition reimbursement program that provides employees with up to $5,000 in tax-free annual reimbursement is being expanded and can now be used for continuing education related to any role within the hospital. Previously, employees could only use the tuition reimbursement program for studies in their current field of work.

“We value our employees and are pleased to offer additional benefits that provide the opportunity to alleviate current student loan debt and invest in additional training,” said Linda Stockton, chief executive officer of Bravera Health Seven Rivers. “Through these benefits, we hope Bravera Health Pathways will enhance the value of employment within our hospital system and support the career goals of our employees,” said Josh DeTillio, General Manager of Bravera Health Brooksville and Spring Hill. .

To learn more about career opportunities at Bravera Health, visit BraveraHealth.com/career-opportunities.

Upcoming Bravera Health RN, Nursing Support and Allied Health Hiring Events:
6/14 Bravera Health Spring Hill 12pm-3pm
6/15 Bravera Health Brooksville 12pm-3pm.
Offers on-site login bonuses up to $15,000
100% license and certification refund
Up to $20,000 for student loan payments!
Snacks/refreshments and gift card raffle
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