Letter to the Editor: Regulatory Failure at Bull Mountain Mine | Letters to the Editor


It was a sordid journey from applying for a permit (1980s) to the current underground mine at Bull Mountain, through a good permit, then through twisted political hoops and illegitimate manipulation of the law, and in the circumstances despicable current mining, reclamation and regulatory regimes. .

This is not unusual in Montana and American history – Butte Pit, the Zortman-Landusky mining district and nearly countless “superfund sites” and other excruciating and ubiquitous mining debacles are in our wake. Society has made concerted and commendable efforts to overcome these sins. The results of these good efforts and these laws are constantly attacked by such things as greed, amorality and power. Projects like this Bull Mountain mine continue to cause disasters for environments, economies, spending by American taxpayers (many in perpetuity), individual landowners and landowner groups, and habitats and wildlife. . Such projects are bad works.

The State of Montana and the US Department of the Interior have failed, and continue to fail, miserably, to legitimately administer law and good stewardship here. Laws that can protect pre-mining environmental resources, landowners and land uses, and ecosystems have been and are being strangled and harmed.


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