Insulted and reprimanded employee of Malatras, documents exposed


Jim Malatras, Chancellor of the State University of New York system, cursed and berated an employee while he was president of the Rockefeller Institute several years ago, the Albany Times Union reported.

“You have a very bad attitude about everything, ma’am,” said Malatras in an audio recording obtained by the Union of times. “You are damn impossible all the time… You drive people crazy!”

The employee alleged that Malatras’ verbal abuse was “ongoing” in a complaint filed with human resources. The university system subsequently investigated the reported verbal harassment and found the employee’s allegations to be “unfounded”. The employee was then fired.

In a statement about the exchange, Malatras said he should have been “more measured” during the conversation, according to the Union of times.

“This exchange occurred in the context of a conversation regarding the issues raised by several employees and became heated when this person forcefully disputed the accounts of other employees made against him,” said Malatras. “The case was reviewed through the process established by the former Chancellor of SUNY human resources department, who accepted her final termination and dismissed any concerns raised by the employee about how I handled the matter. ‘case.”

The report follows a week of criticism leveled at Malatras after the New York attorney general posted text messages showing the chancellor mocking a former aide to Andrew Cuomo while he was president of Empire State College .

Several other former anonymous employees spoke to the Union of times on Malatras’ alleged “toxic management style” and the complaints they lodged with human resources at the time. SUNY’s board was said to have been aware of these complaints when it hired Malatras for the chancellery in August 2020.


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