I have to admit that I did not intend to read it whole

Medicine without deception

Says JM Mulet, author of ” Medicine without deception, ” that hope has a better market than consolation … a reflection that, although simple and predictable, remains a truth like a cathedral. A reality that we forget when what we have in front of our eyes is precisely that hope buenrollista that sells us the cure for all the ills of the world especially if we have a health problem. To my way of seeing this is the sentence that would best summarize the book, hope (that of the unwary) and market (that of the mercachifle) put in tune . I insist, nothing that we do not know but that it agrees to remember in scholarly plan when it is mentioned to Henri Poincaré:

We also know how cruel the truth can sometimes be, and we wonder how much more comforting is the deception .

Very in summary in this work you will be able to find everything that those who promote the use of false and fraudulent alternative-complementary-natural therapies to promote and make you bite are silent. For this they will disguise in many occasions of medicine, although, it has to be very clear, medicine only exists one: the one that works . You can bet that if the Bach flowers or aromatherapy had any indication of effectiveness or real utility (beyond making cash out of the rooms to the unwary) these therapies will be available the next day to users of public health in the ambulatory health centers or in specialized consultations. But it will be no.

I have to admit that I did not intend to read it whole. If yes, look deep enough to find what I expected to find and that I already knew. I confess that a work that was still interesting and necessary for many readers would contain data, arguments and redundant stories, at least as far as my knowledge is concerned. However, I devoured it from the first to the last page. There are two things that I have found especially bright in this work. On the one hand, we invest a good number of pages at the beginning of the book to explain why we must rely on “official” medicine , and on the other, to make known the true origin of many of the pseudosciences and approaches that Nowadays, they market badly with your health, whether it’s a cancer or a seasonal flu, through the fact that you vaccinate or not of anything.

Thus, this book will give you enough arguments for you to give each therapy its true weight by virtue of the misinterpreted tradition (secular, millennial, etc.), the criterion of authority, ami-functionalism or fashions (many people use it, no may be wrong) and therefore will help to raise reason and common sense . Some virtues that when activated to obtain the best possible result among all known is known as scientific evidence . Something that suffers all these well-meaning deceptions -but-no .

Medicine without deception In any case you may think that I write this review because JM Mulet is a friend with whom I share a good part of the scientific perspectives in light of his informative work and mine … and you would be completely right. But in the same way I hope you do not have the slightest doubt if I tell you that as he maintains, information is the best antidote against the scam . So, inform yourself with this work and, if it does not convince you ( there are few things in this world that are more difficult to invest than the sense of credulity ), you can refute their arguments as you see fit. Surely both he and I (like many others) will be happy that you take us out of our mistake.

In definitive accounts, whether you enjoy disclosure in its purest form , if you are akin to scientific-sanitary issues , if you enjoy the history of medicine , as if you want to know the reality behind the infinite alternative therapies of good roll while salpimientas the reading with good doses of humor, anecdotes and double meanings , this is with little doubt one of your essential readings for this summer … or for whenever.