Human Resources Committee – Week 5, 2022


SSB 3065 – Childcare ratios

SSB 3065, as amended, increases the number of children one person can care for in child care centers from one to seven (from six) for two-year-olds, and from one to 10 (from eight) for children from three years old. Child care ratio means the number of adults who are present to teach and care for children who play, eat, sleep and do other activities. Lower ratios mean children receive more individual attention to help them feel safe. This bill allows for higher ratios.
[2/9: 7-5, party-line (No: Democrats; Excused: Johnson)]

BLU 3102 is a Department of Humans Services (DHS) bill primarily in response to the federal Family First (Family First) Preventive Services Act, which was signed into law in February 2018. Family First provides new guidelines on eligible services under Title IV-E (Foster Care Fund). States have the right to claim partial federal reimbursement for the cost of providing foster care, adoption assistance, and parental guardianship assistance to children who meet the criteria for federal eligibility.

Family First is shifting reimbursement from funding traditionally used to support foster care placements to prevention services for:

The amendments to the bill seek to align Chapter 232 (Juvenile Justice) with family first, federal regulations and case law. It also creates consistency across the various sections of Chapter 232. There are three categories of changes in the bill: 1) technical; 2) Family first; and 3) background.

Family first:

Substantial changes:

A ground amendment is expected.
[2/9: short form (Excused: Johnson)]

BLU 3105 certificate of need

BLU 3105 eliminates the Certificate of Need (CON) process for all healthcare facilities except nursing facilities. The CON is a regulatory review process that requires an application to the Department of Public Health. Facilities must receive the approved certificate before offering or developing new or modified institutional health services.

Currently, the CON applies to hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient surgery centers, or anyone purchasing medical equipment worth more than $1.5 million. Projects are reviewed by the National Board of Health Institutions against specified criteria. BLU 3105 eliminates the CON process for all facilities except nursing facilities. It also makes many changes consistent with definitions and citations in the Code.

A ground amendment is expected.
[2/9: 7-5, party-line (No: Democrats; Excused: Johnson)]


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