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At a time when talent markets are in flux and businesses are still reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, new research from Accenture (NYSE:ACN) reveals that only one in six people feel highly connected, in a human sense, to work — with people working on site feeling the least connected.

Accenture” Organizational culture: from always connected to omni-connected The report outlines how companies can build culture and connection by delivering “omni-connected experiences,” which level the playing field, enabling people to fully participate and have an equal experience – growing their careers, by building relationships and creating personal and professional value and impact — regardless of where they physically work.

The study challenges the assumption that working only on-site makes people more connected. People who work onsite, compared to those working in hybrid or remote workplaces, feel the least connected of the three groups studied — 42% of onsite workers say they feel “unconnected” versus 36% hybrid and 22% fully remote. While in-person time is vital, physical proximity that lacks support, flexibility, technology, or a sense of leadership doesn’t necessarily translate to deeper connections to their work and to each other.

Research also shows that companies whose employees benefit from omni-connected experiences can realize an annual revenue growth bonus of 7.4%. Omni-connection also builds trust, with 29% of omni-connected workers saying they feel more likely to feel a higher level of trust in their organization. Additionally, being omniconnected accounts for 59% of an employee’s intention to stay in their job, and more than 90% of omniconnected people say they can be productive anywhere.

“People and culture are key sources of competitive differentiation for organizations and at the heart of growth. As people fundamentally reassess their relationships with work, leaders have an opportunity to reinforce culture by looking beyond space and place,” said Ellyn Shook, director of leadership and people at Accenture. “By creating omni-connected experiences, leaders put relationships first and level the playing field so that each person can work to their full potential in a way that suits them, which builds trust and drives results. commercial.”

Building an omni-connected organization

Only 17% of respondents believe they benefit from an omni-connected experience at work. The report provides a C-suite pathway to create omni-connected experiences that drive productivity, drive better retention, and drive revenue growth.

Leaders must begin by meeting people’s basic human needs. Findings build on previous Accenture results” Net better off which identified the six human needs which, when satisfied, unlock two-thirds of the potential of people at work. Improving people’s circumstances by meeting these needs is the most important predictor of successful omni-connected experiences.

The report identifies four key actions that unlock value – for their employees and their business – through omni-connected experiences:

  • Instilling modern leadership: Lead by listening first and following engagement through action. When people feel safe to speak up, they should be welcomed with empathy, compassion and respect. By communicating regularly and transparently, leaders can build trust with their staff.
  • Develop a thriving culture: People who see a clear line between their work and the company’s purpose are more connected and fulfilled. Leaders can deepen this connection by championing the importance of different ideas and experiences for the long-term success of the organization and by creating an environment where the whole of people’s health is supported.
  • Activate the agile organization: Omni-connected experiences help people be productive wherever they are. Leaders need to broaden the notion of flexibility to also consider when and how people work best. From there, they can create flexibility frameworks that are nimble enough to adapt to meet changing needs in a fluid environment.
  • Empowering people through technology: Building a strong technology foundation in the cloud is the first step. The next is to empower people to experiment with and explore emerging technologies like the Metaverse and empower people to improve their own processes using technology and data.

“Leaders are focused on accessing, creating and unleashing the full potential of their employees, and realizing this is an opportunity to re-evaluate their cultures and ways of working,” said Christie Smith, global head of talent and organization, Accenture. “By creating an environment where the focus is on connection, communication, and trust, leaders signal that their employees’ time and talent are respected and valued, which our research shows pays dividends in income and productivity.”

About Research

Between July and August 2021, Accenture Research conducted a global survey of 1,100 C-level executives and 5,000 workers of all skill levels. Both surveys were conducted in 12 countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States. Respondents came from 10 sectors: banking, insurance and capital markets; Communications and media; consumer goods and services; Energy (oil and gas); Health; Life sciences; Public sector; Retail; Advanced technology; and Utilities.

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