Herschend Enterprises, Silver Dollar City covering employee tuition through the “Grow U” program


BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – Employees of Silver Dollar City Attractions will soon have the opportunity to receive 100% free lessons. Launched February 24, 2020, Herschend Enterprises’ “GROW U” program offers 11,000 eligible seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees more than 100 fully-funded degree and certificate programs at 25 U.S. attractions.

Park officials say 1,800 to 2,000 employees are qualified in Silver Dollar City alone.

The program includes career tracks such as information technology, sales and marketing, business administration, and corporate leadership.

“Then we have a number that are partially funded,” human resources director John Zajac said. “If you’re looking for a master’s degree, you want to go into the culinary arts, if you want to pursue your career in human resources, all of these tracks are also available in the program.”

Zajac says employees who choose to participate will work through the Guild Education partnership.

“On their first day of employment, they could go to this website and see what career paths are available to them and they could sign up immediately,” Zajac said.

He says employees can receive their degrees online at more than 30 schools.

“The university is like E-Cornell, Colorado State University, Louisiana State University and Ohio University.”

Silver Dollar City employment coordinator Melisa Lewis said upon hearing the news, she was shocked and excited.

Lewis says she plans to complete her bachelor’s degree and take classes that will help her grow as a job coordinator.

“It’s wonderful because now you’re not just dreaming about it, you can make it happen and start working, reaching that extra step to achieve your dreams,” Lewis said.

Zajac says that if employees take the program, graduate, and leave the company, they’re not financially short of money. The park will cover these costs and ask nothing in return.

Park officials say that if you leave the company before the program ends, tuition will be covered throughout that semester. You must be 18 to be eligible.

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