Green Lantern’s Oans Become Worse Than Sauron From Lord Of The Rings


In Crime Syndicate #4, the effects Green Lantern’s ring has on him in Earth-3 is similar to Sauron’s one ring in The Lord of the Rings.

Warning: contains spoilers for Crime Syndicate #4

The evil version of The Green Lantern‘s Oans in Earth-3 use their rings to control their knights much like the Lord of the RingsSauronand they could get worse.

As part of his masterful plot to conquer Middle-earth, the eponymous Dark Lord forges the One Ring to control the 19 Rings of Power that were already in the possession of the great rulers of Middle-earth: the Three Elven Kings. , the seven dwarf lords and the nine mortal men doomed to die. Sauron the Deceiver crafts the One Ring so that these lower rings depend on his own, allowing him to control the wearers. The most famous servants of Sauron who appeared as a result of this phenomenon are the Ringwraiths or Nazgul.


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In DC, the inverted Earth-Prime version of Oans of Earth-3 uses their rings in the same way, to subjugate their wielders, as revealed. Crime Syndicate #4 by Andy Schmidt, Bryan Hitch, Kieran McKeown, Dexter Vines, Alex Sinclair, Steve Oliff and Rob Leigh. Earth-3’s Emerald Knight John Stewart has so far been able to resist the power of his ring, but the feel of it and the constant reminder that the ring could change him still weighs heavily on him. him.

contrary to the Lord of the Rings, the Earth-3 Rings of the evil Justice League do not rely on a single Master Artifact. Instead, their efforts are manifested in a voice that each ring uses to break down the wearer’s defenses. In a way, this resembles how symbiotes attempt to dominate their host’s mind. During a rescue mission, John’s ring taunts and attempts to shake its wearer’s resolve as the police begin to hunt Johnny Quick and Atomica for their crimes against humanity. John feels like only these metahumans will be hunted. But her ring says it won’t stop with them: “They will tag you all weapons of mass destruction. They will come for you… and your precious city.At another point, the ring tricks John into destroying some jet fighters he was able to quickly render harmless, to which John replies that he will make them his messengers. But the ring quickly straightens up, saying it was even better.

Although the success of the Rings of Earth-3 does not depend on the well-being of a Ring Master, it seems that their influence is not as powerful or effective as Sauron’s. Upon learning of Sauron’s treachery, the elf-kings removed their rings, protecting themselves from his domination, at least, in this regard. The fate of the Dwarven Lords may be mostly unknown, but of the Ringwraiths who fell under the the Lord of the Rings‘ control, none of them ever escaped their bondage. Meanwhile, the Earth-3 versions of Thaal Sinestro and The Green Lantern beat or have so far fought the influence of their ring, respectively.

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