Government revokes thousands of mining, forestry and plantation permits


First, we revoked 2,078 mining company licenses because they never submitted a work plan. We gave them permits but it has not yet been implemented

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The government has revoked thousands of mining, forestry and plantation permits that were deemed not to conform to the original function, President Joko Widodo said Thursday.

“State mining, forestry and land use permits will continue to be assessed. Permits that are not executed and non-productive will be transferred to other parties. We will also revoke permits that do not comply. to our regulations, “he said at the Bogor Presidential Palace conference.

When the declaration was released, the President was accompanied by the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Arifin Tasrif; Minister of Agrarian and Territorial Development and Head of the National Land Agency (BPN), Sofyan Djalil; Minister of Environment and Forests, Siti Nurbaya Bakar; and Minister of Investment and Head of the Investment Coordination Council, Bahlil Lahadalia.

“First, we revoked 2,078 mining company licenses because they never submitted a work plan. We gave them permits but that has not yet been implemented, ”he explained.

Such practices have led to a blockage in the use of natural resources, hampering efforts to improve the well-being of the population, he said.

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“Second, we have also revoked 192 forest sector permits covering an area of ​​3,126,439 hectares,” he noted.

The permits were revoked for inactivity, lack of work plan and negligence, he said.

“Third, we revoked the Industrial Land Title (HGU) for 34,448 hectares of abandoned land. Of the land, 25,128 hectares belonged to 12 legal entities, while the remaining 9,320 hectares were part of abandoned HGUs owned to 24 legal persons, “he informed.

The head of state said that the overhaul and control of these operating permits is an integral part of improving the governance of mining, forestry and other permits.

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“The government continues to make improvements by providing transparent and accountable business licensing facilities, but we will certainly revoke permits that have been misused,” Widodo stressed.

The government will continue to improve the management of natural resources to create fairness, transparency and equity in order to correct inequalities, injustices and natural disasters, he said.

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