Furthest stone resource from the border – Mega Rocks


The stone resource in furthest border is a big deal when you reach the end of the game, we’re sure you’ve found that it becomes incredibly rare, making you wonder how you’re going to keep expanding your colony.

Fortunately, Crate Entertainment has listened to player feedback and complaints about the insufficient number of Rock to meet late-game demand, and changes are afoot with Patch v0.7.5.

Stone resource farthest from the border - Mineral deposits and quarries, Mega Rock arrives with patch v0.7.5

Farthest Frontier Stone – Mega Rock Save the City

Mineral Deposits will now contain even more resources, and as a quick fix to the late game problem, Crate Entertainment will be adding a Mega Rock to Farthest Frontier. “This juggernaut should satiate starving cities for generations”Crate Entertainment said in a statement made public on its official forums.

We assume that this Mega Rock will contain an abundance of stone, possibly an infinite amount, so that players no longer have to worry about building their settlements and expanding the population at the end of the game.

Stone is a vital resource for many buildings, but it can also be used to improve your roads and build defensive walls in the late game. If you want to build Minas Tirith, you will need several of these Mega Rocks! Before you have to try to buy stone from Commercial counter if you wanted enough to build a big city.

Stone resource farthest from the border - Mineral deposits and quarries, Mega Rock arrives with patch v0.7.5

Quarries and deep mines

Quarries and Deep Mines are expected to be added in a future update, we don’t believe these will be coming in patch v0.7.5, but it wasn’t clear so we asked Crate Entertainment about this and are waiting answer.

Quarries and deep mines are said to offer an endless supply of resources, perfect for players who just want to build a large settlement to show off to their friends without having to fend off looters and troublesome bears. The team is also working to make forests more sustainable, so wood becomes less of an issue and players don’t have to spend time cultivating so many trees.

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