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Hi people! Welcome to our weekly recap of Archer‘s fourth season, on Multiversity Summer TV Binge 2022. This week’s episode is called “Legs” and it’s exactly that, Ray’s legs…

1. A Bitter World

We are shown a piece of Ray’s life, how it got worse with his disability, he looks at his past glories, where he was a slalom champion, and what’s worse, the past attacks him when he accidentally hits a of his skis and everything collapses.

It’s one of the most important characteristics of the show, it’s the way they like to toe the line between “politically incorrect”, i.e. the line where characters can be offensive, but c is justified because they are bad people, or if the show itself is offensive. . And the case of Gillette is special because he is a disabled homosexual, so he receives attacks from everyone.

Although his situation is being played for laughs, I’m trying to defend the show and argue that he has a purpose too, this isn’t mockery, he’s trying to show us that Ray’s life is the reality of many people with disabilities, and they often have to deal with shit bags like Archer and all his colleagues and spaces that are not designed for their mobility.

Luckily for Ray…

2. It will work again

Krieger offers Ray a solution to his disgrace, he can fix it. It could be as simple as putting a drum set in Ray’s column, but where’s the challenge in that? No, Krieger will replace all his things bones with bits of metal are way cooler, he says.

And it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t know what every part of the body is named, Krieger isn’t that kind of doctor, what matters is that he’s going to be able to use robotics bionics to make Ray walk again, and surely no one has a problem with that, do they?

3. Archer’s ability to get distracted

When Archer finds out that Ray is becoming a cyborg he is determined to stop him, as we have seen before he fears/hates robots with human faces and doesn’t want to give Skynet a chance to take over and kill human race .

The problem is that Archer had a mission, he was supposed to go to Rome and save the day there, and while trying to stop Krieger he fired a few shots and a bullet magically traveled to to Brett, who was bleeding on the stairs; Archer is sure it must be a record one way or another.

All this illustrates Archer’s particular ability to get distracted by everything, he had a mission in Europe, but he must first take care of Ray, but first he must find out how the bullet hit Brett, but first he needs a rocket launcher, maybe he has ADHD…

4. They don’t know how to properly use resources

One of the most telling aspects of the agency’s incompetence, is the fact that they excessively waste resources, these last two episodes introduced us to Ron the “gun librarian” and although his job is to avoid overspending, the team always manages to get what they want, whether it’s equipment to save your friend who faked his death, or using a rocket launcher to prevent the mad scientist from giving useless (but cool) metal legs to another employee.

And the thing is, human resources are also wasted, Ray suffered for months in a wheelchair until Krieger noticed; Brett is a human magnet for balls and that’s all he does in the office, Cheryl is a secretary but is more like the team jester as he doesn’t do anything really important.

5. Ron’s Occasional Racism

Malory’s husband Ron seems like a nice guy overall, and everyone in the office (except Archer, obviously) seems to like him, but he’s still an old man, one of those people who are racist without even realizing it, but sometimes it’s unavoidable to notice what he’s saying.

For example, Archer’s high regard for El Camino because that way he can drive more Latino workers, and later in the episode he said that Lana seemed able to solve the crisis at the office and explained how she reminded him of an employee. , because she’s also black, oh and he was impressed that he was able to rise all the way to chief mechanic, which implies you know what.

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The cast is quite diverse, there are characters from the LGBT+ community and Lana represents the black community, so it’s shocking for the younger members (and audiences) to see people like Ron being casually racist and praising Lana. just to be black.

Joke of the week:

Malory: Ron it’s not a car dealership, it’s…
Ron: The same principle ! You build it, hire people you trust to run it, and then you reap the rewards of their work…

And that’s it for this week, a funny episode at the office, and you wouldn’t think things would calm down but they still manage to leave a trail of destruction. What did you think of this episode? Leave your comments below and join us next week for our take on Episode 4×04, “Midnight Ron.”


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