Faculty member creates endowment to support doctoral students in counseling



ATLANTA – Dr Laurie Lankin, Emeritus Professor of Counseling and Humanities at Mercer University’s College of Professional Advancement, recently established the Lankin Endowed Scholarship in Counseling.

The first recipients of the Lankin scholarship are Auvronette Guilbeaux, Latessa Bayonne and Tyann Mosley, who are pursuing the doctorate of the College. diploma in training and supervision of counselors.

“This scholarship established by Dr. Laurie Lankin is an incredible award that will help motivate and support doctoral students completing their thesis,” said Dr. Tyler Wilkinson, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Doctoral Program. in the training and supervision of counselors. “This award will help students complete their program successfully and advance their careers. “

“We are very grateful for Dr. Lankin’s generosity and passion to invest in the next generation of educator counselors and supervisors. I am confident that our recipients will view the Dr. Lankin scholarship as an extension of Mercer’s commitment to student success, ”added Dr. Karen Rowland, Professor and Chairman of the Board.

Dr. Lankin created the endowment to help students pursuing the doctorate. diploma in training and supervision of counselors and having completed all required work except the thesis.

“I created this foundation because I was a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh for several years,” said Dr. Lankin. “I was out of breath and out of money when I received a small scholarship from the university which gave me the impetus to complete my thesis. I thought at the time that I would like to pass on the kind of support I received when I could, and I am grateful that the time was right. “

Additional contributions to the fund can be made by contacting Shawna Dooley, Associate Vice President for Academic Advancement, at [email protected]

Dr Lankin has worked at Mercer for over 33 years, including over 20 as a faculty member at the College of Professional Advancement. She came to the university as a licensed professional counselor and became director of the counseling center on the Macon campus. She was also coordinator of the major administration and human resources development when it was launched in 2009.

Prior to joining Mercer in 1988, Dr Lankin worked as a journalist, addiction counselor, human resources professional in municipal government, and had a private consultancy firm.

She received her BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri and M.Ed. and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh.

Mercer’s Doctorate in Counselor Training and Supervision prepares professionals as practitioners, consultants, counselor trainers, supervisors, and researchers. For more information on the doctoral program, contact Dr. Tyler Wilkinson, Associate Professor of Counseling, at [email protected]

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