Director of Human Resources is the fastest growing role in 2021


  • According to LinkedIn, the Director of Human Resources is the fastest growing managerial position in the UK.
  • The pandemic has rewritten the rules of work, resulting in increased demand for senior HR specialists.
  • LinkedIn’s list of fast growing C-suite jobs also includes Director of Revenue and Director of Human Resources.

The Human Resources Director position has been ranked by LinkedIn as the fastest growing managerial position in the UK as the pandemic disrupts work and hiring.

LinkedIn has analyzed more than 45,000 senior executive hires in the UK over the past two years to identify which companies are hiring fastest. He then compared the year-over-year growth in the proportion of hires for a particular managerial position versus other managerial positions.

He revealed that the director of human resources represented the strongest growth in the share of hires with a growth of 56% in 2021, followed by the director of revenue, the director of human resources and the director of communications.

Human resources departments have been overwhelmed by the pandemic, dealing with everything from employee burnout to the legal and health implications of hybrid work. A June study from Indeed showed that the number of job postings in the United States for human resources workers had increased by more than 50% since February 2020.

According to LinkedIn, HR directors have worked closely with CEOs to guide their companies through the pandemic and have navigated the leave scheme – the UK’s paid time off program for workers whose employers have been affected by the pandemic.

Janine Chamberlin, UK Country Manager at LinkedIn, said: “After another tumultuous year, it is positive to see the roles of HR Director and HR Director catapulted to the top of this list as leaders companies have seen firsthand the nature of these positions and how essential they are to defining what the new world of work looks like. “

The image is similar to the United States. Equivalent data from 2020 showed that the fastest growing role that year was that of Chief Diversity Officer as demands for DCI initiatives increased after the death of George Floyd and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests. . But in 2021, the director of human resources was in high demand due to the complexity of the pandemic.


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