Coquitlam Heritage seeks resource-conscious artists


The company launched a community appeal in hopes of featuring multiple media depicting BC’s use and abuse of its resources.

For years, the beautiful surrounding nature of the Tri-Cities has inspired local artists and their mediums.

And since the environment is used significantly for everyday life, there are historical cases of misuse of its resources.

Now, Coquitlam Heritage is hoping artists can come forward to help with a new exhibit – titled Extractions — which describes the use of BC’s natural resources from their perspective.

“While landscapes are often depicted for their beauty and grandeur, Extractions will showcase work that highlights our use and/or misuse of the earth’s resources, such as mining, aquatic and terrestrial agriculture, and logging, both today and historically,” says Coquitlam Heritage in the event description.

“The gold rush in British Columbia created wealth for some, but for others it destroyed ecosystems and generated pollution. The wood industry provides the world with wood, but at what cost to the environment? Fish farms can help us avoid the overfishing of wild salmon, but what impact do they have on the land and waters around us? »

The company is launching a community call for submissions before next Friday (January 21).

The exhibition will grace the walls of Place des Arts as part of a Spring 2022 showcase from April 1 to May 19.

Coquitlam Heritage says entries may include, but are not limited to, insights from their own extractions from nature, observations of resource industry practices, or illustrations of issues surrounding current use of the environment. .

He adds that the exhibition will include a wide variety of mediums ranging from photography and painting to collage and sculpture.

Coquitlam Heritage says artists can submit up to three nominations to potentially be selected for Extractions and must be 18 or older to participate.

The deadline is 5:00 p.m. on January 21 and there is no fee.

For more information and an application form, you can visit the Coquitlam Heritage website.

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