Conference held to help hire and retain employees in West Alabama



TUSCALOOSA, Alabama (WBRC) – Nowadays, it doesn’t matter how big or small the business is, many of them face the same challenges when it comes to hiring and retaining employees during the pandemic.

The West Alabama Chamber of Commerce and West Alabama Works hosted the 2021 Talent Conference. Business owners, human resource managers and others discussed the issues and solutions to the current workforce crisis during this stage of the pandemic.

“The challenges created by the pandemic were new to employers and applicants, so we had to be patient. We had to be educated. We had to understand the risks and the requirements to be successful in the new environment, ”said Russell Dubose, vice president of human resources at Phifer Incorporated.

The challenges included people more willing to work from home than in the office. In addition, childcare was more of a problem for children who learned at a distance. A panel that was organized for the conference made suggestions that could apply in many work contexts.

“Maintain your principles. Get involved in the community and give back so people will want to work for you and then train them, ”said Gary Nichols, President Emeritus of McAbee Construction.

“We have fun at work and care about our team members. And by caring for them, each individually, it made a difference, and you can see it in the recruiting, ”said Ashley Gill, owner of Chick-Fil-A Northport at WBRC.

The panelists also suggested that business owners and others really understand what their core business values ​​are and try to work with their employees through those values ​​to help them achieve their goals and stay with the business.


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