Collector urges bankers to lend to farmers


Amalapuram (Konaseema district): Konaseema District Collector Himanshu Shukla urged bankers to come forward to lend money to all farmers for setting up nurseries and grafts and buying seeds. He released the first district credit plan targets for 2022-23 via video conference in Amalapuram.

He attended the 2022-23 Bankers Advisory Committee meeting in Amalapuram on Sunday. Under the Bankers Advisory Committee Annual Credit Scheme 2022-23, a sum of Rs 5,495 crore has been allocated for agriculture in Konaseema district.

The collector expressed his dissatisfaction with the committee of bankers for not granting loans to farmers. pointing out that bankers do not come forward to provide loans to small entrepreneurs, he advised them to fulfill social objectives in banking operations. The collector appealed to bankers to come forward to help farmers and the needy with loans.

He said that since the government has pledged to allocate houses to beneficiaries before the end of June, bankers are advised to give them loans. He said that since many people depend on agriculture, he asked the bankers to give them loans. He also said that providing loans to farmers at the earliest would give them the opportunity to buy seeds, pesticides and related items to carry out their agricultural operations.


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