Brunswick residents tired of foul smells in their community


More than 200 complaints have been filed with the state’s natural resources department since November 2020.

BRUNSWICK, GA – Brittany moved to Brunswick about a year ago. So far, she’s gotten used to a scent that her peers know all too well. Brunswick is home to a wastewater treatment plant and a paper mill. Residents compared the stench to rotten eggs. In Brittany, it is rather a smell of sewage.

“Kind of like garbage smells,” she added.

The smell is so strong that the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has received hundreds of complaints. As of November 2020, the Department of Natural Resources had confirmed about 225 complaints.

The Glynn Environmental Coalition said the smell and the factories are linked.

A report shows that he conducted a study which indicates pollution in the air. The Environmental Division of the Georgian DNR and the Directorate of Air Protection are investigating.

Brett Berry is Program Manager at Georgia DNR. It is part of the environmental protection service.

“Inspections have been done on different types of media,” Berry said. “Air Quality Inspections, Wastewater Inspections, and Industrial Facilities.”

Experts from the DNR told First Coast News that there were two “Title V” facilities in Brunswick. Investigators ask residents to document every moment they smell a scent. They want: a description of the smell, the time, the duration, the temperature and the direction of the wind.


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