Bridging loan to overcome financing bottlenecks

Bridging loan for operational bridge financing!

Although ensuring the necessary liquidity for self-employed professionals is a top priority, it can still happen that necessary expenses are incurred at a time when the account balance has insufficient funds. Since payment obligations can often not be deferred, there is a short-term lack of liquidity, which must be compensated. Such financial problems can be solved with a bridging loan.

With a bridging loan as bridging finance, self-employed can overcome a short-term liquidity gap they need to maintain business.

Banks are still having a hard time assessing situations that are critical for self-employed professionals, as they are more interested in longer-term loan financing with higher loan amounts. If interim financing is needed then the classic installment loan of the banks proves to be less suitable. The self-employed are then well advised to look for alternatives to the bank, not least in order not to unnecessarily burden the good relationship with their house bank. It makes sense before the conditions for a loan to deal with before an application is made.

Bridging Loan Recommendations – Short Term Loan Solutions for Self Employed, Trades and Small Businesses:

Bridging Credit Ranking of December 2018

Bridging Credit Ranking of December 2018

rank company maximum
1 Inancingent 750’000 €
2 financinga 100’000 €
3 Crediter 100’000 €
4 Funding Square 250’000 €
5 Pixocredit 100’000 €
6 moneyor 50’000 €
7 creditend 75’000 €

Financial Portal Inancingent offers Digital Corporate Loan up to 750,000 Euros in 24/48 hours!

The fintech company Inancingent has recently expanded its offer in the segment of short-term loans up to € 100,000 for small and medium-sized enterprises. This was achieved through cooperation with the fintech company financinga, which specializes in providing short-term loans for this target group.

The financinga services are connected via an interface. Inancingent customers can now take out loans of up to € 100,000. This will provide Inancingent customers with financinga offers for their required financing project in record time.

Inancingent’s Digital Short-Term Loan meets the conditions for rapid lending to bridge financing bottlenecks for the self-employed, professionals, traders and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

  • Short-term credit / bridging loan up to 100,000 euros within 24 hours
  • Short-term credit / bridging loan up to 750,000 euros within 48 hours

Fully digital process enables the fastest possible lending

After entering the financing parameters into the Inancingent portal, a completely digital process is initiated, in which all parties involved communicate via interfaces. The deep technical integration of financinga into the Inancingent portal enables the end-to-end integration of customer identification, digital signature and loan disbursement.

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  5. The purpose of the loan may also be important in the credit decision of the bank.
  6. Before the self-employed with his request for credit to the bank, he should inform himself about the credit requirements in detail!
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