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The faculty’s Senate discussed the shortened staff requests and the use of COVID-19 kits on campus during their meeting on Tuesday.

Team recruiting

Brandi Terwilliger, Director of Human Resources, provided updates on improving recruiting. Terwilliger said the updates were created by a review generated by an internal committee. The committee observed staff from across campus.

“We have created a considerably shorter staff app,” Terwilliger said. “To create a better candidate experience, we wanted to make this change so that a candidate could download the requested documentation and not have to fill out everything that was already on the CV.”

Terwilliger said an additional initiative taken to increase staff improvement is to update job postings and resources on the web page. She said the application process and streamlining of job updates would have been integrated before COVID-19.

Other highlights from Terwilliger on improvements for staffing include new benefits in 2022 regarding the Staff Preferred Supplier organization plans.

Campus tests

Lawrence said COVID-19 testing resources have been used by students with more than 100 kits in use. One student is currently in quarantine.

“Demand has been pretty low,” University of Idaho vice president and vice president Torrey Lawrence said.

The IU is still suspending action after the federal vaccine mandate is announced. Lawrence said discussions regarding the matter were taking place with the Idaho governor’s office, the attorney general’s office, ISBE and other government agencies.

Idaho State Board of Education survey

The Idaho State Board of Education sent out a survey to universities in Idaho for students to complete, including UI. He asks students to give their views on the university experience and indicates that the purpose of the survey is “to help the State Board of Education engage with policy makers, support institutional leaders and better govern the educational system of our State ”.

Lawrence said it was in preparation for the spring legislative session.

“This is not a University of Idaho survey; this is an investigation by the state board of education, ”Lawrence said. “So we can definitely encourage students to participate if a student asks, I think we should tell them it’s a legitimate poll.”

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