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The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has elected eight North Carolina State staff as Fellows.

The AAAS, the publisher of the Journal of Science, annually elects various individuals who have made efforts to benefit or contribute to scientific advancement. Karen Daniels, a North Carolina State physics professor and staff member elected as an AAAS Fellow, said AAAS advocates for scientific advancement in several ways.

“[AAAS] provides access to information the public can understand, digested by scientists, [and] they advocate for scientists, so there are a lot of different things they do,” Daniels said.

The AAS website states that the fellows “are a distinguished cadre of scientists, engineers and innovators who have been recognized for their achievements in all disciplines, from research, teaching and technology to administration at universities , industry and government”.

These faculty members include professors and researchers, Morton Barlaz, Marc Cubeta, Daniels, Jason Delborne, Candace Haigler, Ayman Hawari, Shuijin Hu, and Mary Watzin. According to North Carolina State News, “NC State has the sixth-highest number of AAAS scholars of any university this year.” This year, there were a total of 564 scholarship recipients for the year, at various universities across the country.

Those elected were nominated by their peers or colleagues for the scholarship. Once you are an elected member, you cannot be re-elected for another year.

“You can’t apply, it just happens because some of your colleagues decided to nominate you,” Daniels said. “The people who make the appointment, they provide what you would call a resume…so a list of the accomplishments of the people, so all the professors have one of those documents around [and] you can usually find them on the teachers’ website.

Delborne, professor of science, policy and society in the Department of Forest and Environmental Resources, was also one of eight professors elected as an AAAS Fellow. Delbourne was unaware of his consideration for the scholarship.

“I was notified in November that I was inducted into the class of 2021 scholars,” Delborne said. “The way AAAS invites fellows into their organization for this type of designation is through what’s called the chapter.”

There are sections of researchers with different types of specialties. Delbourne was awarded in the societal impacts of science and engineering section. The email Delbourne received announced that he was being honored for his outstanding contributions to the understanding and practice of public engagement for the governance of an emerging environmental technology.

“My research is very interdisciplinary, and so I was particularly grateful that the [AAAS] recognizes scholars, like me…given that I am not a traditional academic who operates in a single discipline,” said Delbourne.

Daniels was nominated for her current research in the mechanics of soft materials. She has a lab in the physics department, where she and other students conduct experiments related to her research on this subject.

“All of us at NC State, we’re all recognized for the fact that we have research careers, where we publish scientific studies and also train the next generation to do the same thing,” Daniels said. “For us, it’s a combination of teaching and research.”

To nominate someone to be the next elected member of AAAS, faculty can email the Associate Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Policy Kim Grainger.


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