All about Unemployment Loans

Is there also the MaxCredit Loan for the unemployed? Many people take the opportunity to apply for a loan and fulfill their dreams or achieve their goals. But what can those who have no job do? The credit broker MaxCredit from Speyer also offers unemployed the opportunity to request a loan that can be approved. How does such an application work? Let us examine the question of what to look for in a MaxCredit loan for the unemployed. MaxCredit specializes in private clients and offers certain special forms of loans that target different audiences.

The MaxCredit Loan for Unemployed in Detail:

  • A liquid guarantor is required
  • The guarantor is also noted in the loan agreement
  • A regular monthly income is required
  • The net income should be at least € 1,150 per month
  • The MaxCredit Loan for the unemployed is only possible with Private credit
  • The minimum age is 18 years

1. Is the MaxCredit loan also possible for the unemployed?

1. Is the MaxCredit loan also possible for the unemployed?

The credit partner MaxCredit offers a loan for the unemployed. This can be requested online via the form on the website of MaxCredit. The applicant should note that he must provide a liquid guarantor specifically for this type of loan. The borrower must also be able to demonstrate a regular income of 1,150 euros net per month. MaxCredit is basically a good provider when it comes to loans without Private credit. However, the MaxCredit Loan for the Unemployed is an exception. The guarantor’s creditworthiness must necessarily be checked so that the bank and MaxCredit can be certain that the money can be repaid.

The Private credit is responsible for controlling the payment behavior of individuals, companies and states. The credit rating is expressed in numbers, which are represented in a Private credit score. The credit check determines whether the guarantor is financially able to repay the borrowed loan. In addition, the willingness to pay is controlled. The Private credit determines how high the probability of the willingness of the guarantor is to repay the loan amount including the interest. The Private credit information does not directly refer to the guarantor or the person, but judges him in the context of a group of persons to whom he is assigned. How exactly the Private credit score is composed is a trade secret.

If all prerequisites are fulfilled and the guarantor’s creditworthiness is positive, nothing stands in the way of MaxCredit Kredit for the unemployed. Since the guarantor is fundamental to the granting of the application, it is noted in the credit agreement, as is the borrower himself.

2. Does the MaxCredit Loan work for unemployed people without Private credit?

Since a guarantor is necessary for this special form, his creditworthiness with the Private credit must be checked. For employees, workers and civil servants, a loan, eg an instant loan, is possible without Private credit. Loans without Private credit can in principle work for employees, because their personal situation is explicitly checked by MaxCredit. No entry is made in the Private credit. Should a loan be refused, the MaxCredit loan request will remain free.

The Private credit information is therefore indispensable for loans for the unemployed with the loan broker. The bank has to protect itself by checking the creditworthiness of the guarantor and protecting the guarantor from over-indebtedness. That is ultimately the task of Private credit Holding AG.

3. What proof must be available?

The borrower and guarantor must be at least 18 years old. From the liquid guarantor proof of an indefinite employment contract is essential. The guarantor is also listed as a borrower in the loan agreement. It is also important for the conclusion of the contract that the guarantor signs him and can prove a copy of his last pay slip. MaxCredit carefully examines the claim so that the loan can not be detrimental to either the borrower or the bank. If the guarantor has a negative Private credit entry, the contract can not be concluded. It is very important that the guarantor has the necessary confidence in the unemployed borrower. Co-applicants are therefore often good friends or close relatives. The solvent guarantor should agree that his personal situation will be scrutinized as part of the lending process.

4. Can you borrow from private individuals?

Anyone who is unemployed and would like to take out a loan independently of banks and credit institutions can do so at any time. The prerequisite for this is a private lender who has a good basis of trust with the borrower. Trust is the most important foundation. In order to further secure the loan, a contract can be set up in which the loan amount is fixed, the names and the repayment modalities are recorded. If the money is handed over, witnesses should be there and it is advisable to acknowledge receipt of the money. Taking out a loan from a private individual can also be beneficial. The interest and the conditions for the repayment can be handled individually. Nevertheless, everyone should consider whether he really wants to risk a good friendship for a loan. Failure to comply with the repayment agreements will quickly create tensions that may weigh on the relationship.

5. Questions and answers about Private credit

What is behind Private credit Holding AG?

Founded in 1927, Private credit Holding AG, headquartered in Wiesbaden, is a private-sector credit reference agency. It is a protection association for general credit protection. It informs its contractual partners about the creditworthiness of third parties. It checks the credibility of the credit as well as the willingness and ability to pay. Therefore, it is fundamental that MaxCredit receives the Private credit information about the guarantor. The guarantor is also secured by this.

What is the Private credit score?

The Private credit score represents the creditworthiness of a person, company or state in numbers. The economic repayment ability and willingness to pay are checked. The value is recalculated every 3 months. If you put some signature under a Private credit clause, the score can change.

How do you create negative Private credit entries?

Since the guillemod Private credit is being tested, it should not be possible to prove negative Private credit entries. There are certain features that negatively affect the Private credit score. This includes when someone overdraws their current account, installments have been forgotten or an invoice has not been paid. Contracting party of Private credit, such as the mobile operator, where you have a contract, forward her this message and a negative entry arises. Strong negative is a Haftandrohung or an affidavit on.

In addition, one should avoid changing residence all too often, having multiple or changing bank accounts, or borrowing too much, as can happen with small loans. The guarantor must therefore have a positive Private credit information, so that the MaxCredit loan can be granted for the unemployed.

6. MaxCredit has even more offers

When MaxCredit experience is worthwhile, if you can specify a liquid guarantor. In addition to this loan, the loan broker offers instant loans, where the borrower gets his money paid out very quickly. There are also mini loans and cash loans. If the house bank is not aware of the transaction or for whatever reason, a cash advance is possible. Here it is up to the borrower, whether he can cash out the cash or by bank transfer. Also a sending of the money by post is offered. For the payment of a new or used car there is the offer of a car loan. MaxCredit offers good loans for various uses and living conditions. It is worthwhile to deal with further MaxCredit Loan experiences.

7. Conclusion: Fair credit, if you have a guarantor

The MaxCredit Loan for Unemployed is a great opportunity and a fair credit to fulfill a wish. The basis of this loan is always the basis of trust with the guarantor. It is a very good alternative to loans that are taken out by a private lender and unnecessarily burden the relationship between lender and borrower. Find out now and apply for your own MaxCredit loan!